Brick and Mortar is a Women's and Men's curated fashion boutique. Located in rural Grant, Nebraska. We are locally owned and ran by powerful women!



To inspire individual confidence in fashion and  empower our customers to embrace their personal style. 

Who are we?

We believe that our rural towns are where dreams come true.  When our location came up for sale a few years ago our owner, Adair Reese, jumped at the chance to purchase the building.  Wanting to ensure that our local gem stayed in local hands she lovingly explained to her husband her dream for the location.  Believing the values of the business would be constructed on the importance of having a store front, the husband and wife duo agreed on the name:




The following days were exciting! Tearing down what has been numerous business ventures to expose the potential that has become this amazing store. The values of Brick & Mortar are ones that will drive the inventory we will carry. Pieces are hand picked, sometimes with specific people in mind. Wanting to provide beautiful fashion for both men and women!


The Reeses aren't new to the rural business world. For the last 10 years they have ran Reese Mechanical & Reese Appliance (Grant, NE), along with Reese Appliance & Home Store (Holyoke, CO).   

We want to thank all of the rural businesses that have came before us and paved the road to doing what we all strive for.......GROWING GRANT!

God Bless!

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Brick & Mortar, LLC Est. 2020