Welcome to my dream..


I am so excited for you to shop our store! This is something I have joked; "I have been practicing for my whole life!"


We have just launched our online shopping along with our store front that has been up & going as of November 2020.  New and fun things are coming every day and getting them up and going on the website is a priority.  Getting everything ready for our in-store shoppers and then live on the website is extremely important to us.  Please know I am working diligently to make sure you have the best shopping experience but we are also learning along the way!


                                                                                                                    Adair Reese, Owner of Brick & Mortar

Hours Of Operation

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 10 - 6pm

Wednesday: 10-6 pm

Thursday: 1o-6 Pm

Friday: 10-6 pm

Saturday: 9-5 PM

sunday: Closed



234 Central Ave.

Grant, NE 69140

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